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Improve critical energy infrastructure with terminal & pipeline solutions focused on safety & efficiency

Audubon’s terminal and pipeline solutions help operators meet new economic and environmental challenges as the energy and chemical markets evolve. Our team employs multidisciplinary expertise and advanced technologies designed to secure and maintain our clients’ competitive advantage.

Over the years, Audubon has become a leader in the design, management, and maintenance of crucial pipeline and terminal infrastructure and facilities. Since 1997, our technology-driven, collaborative approach has successfully impacted clients by improving safety, increasing efficiency, and reducing capital and operational costs.

Leveraging our extensive experience and the latest technologies enhances every facet of your pipeline and terminal project throughout the asset life cycle—from the first stages of planning and design to building, optimization, and management. Our portfolio of high-value integrated engineering and field services spans asset integrity, surveying, right-of-way (ROW), inspection, environmental permitting, and facility operations.

Partnering with Audubon unlocks access to our unique data-informed insights, cutting-edge technologies, global footprint, and local experience—helping you achieve project success. 

Achieve your business goals while assuring safety and quality with our expert pipeline solutions and terminal services.

Terminal & pipeline solutions—EPC expertise

  • Cross-country transmission pipelines
  • Gathering systems—oil, gas, & water
  • Refined-product pipelines
  • Meter stations
  • Pump & compressor stations
  • Gas compression, dehydration, & injection facilities
  • Condensate stabilization
  • Crude storage tank systems
  • Receiving terminals

Terminal & pipeline solutions—integrated capabilities

  • Pipeline engineering
  • Project management
  • Asset integrity management & corrosion
  • Survey & mapping
  • Land & ROW
  • Construction management
  • Environmental services

Pipeline solutions & technology

We utilize advanced, proprietary technology to provide, fast, accurate, and reliable insight into your pipeline and facility projects. Our in-house solutions deliver project data throughout the asset journey—allowing pipeline owners and operators to make better-informed design, operations, compliance, and risk management decisions. Audubon’s intuitive pipeline solutions and technology encompass:

We also partner with Pivvot to provide crucial data and engineering analysis for pipeline routing, special construction methods, and other impactful variables. Our pipeline engineers utilize the following Pivvot solutions to drive successful project outcomes:

  • Pivvot Aware
  • Pivvot Routing
  • Pivvot Siting

Project experience

Breakout Tank Cathodic Protection System | Audubon Companies | Project Management of Oil and Gas Pipelines


Breakout Tank Cathodic Protection System

Pyote, Texas

P5 Pipeline ECDA | Audubon Companies | Project Management of Oil and Gas Pipelines


P5 Pipeline External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA)

Corpus Christi, Texas

XTO Patriot Pipeline | Audubon | Engineering Services | Project Management of Oil and Gas Pipelines


Patriot Pipeline

West Texas

ELK Creek Pipeline | Audubon Companies |Project Management of Oil and Gas Pipelines


Elk Creek Pipeline

Mid-Continent, USA