Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)

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Multifaceted liquid natural gas solutions for success in a competitive market

Liquid natural gas (LNG) is a prospect in high demand for current energy transition and low-carbon sources. For agile operators looking to seize the opportunities for growth in this evolving market, expert insight and decades of lessons learned can be a key strategic advantage for informed decision-making, increased competitiveness, and maximized value.

Using our decades of in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in gas-processing technologies, Audubon can help you navigate obstacles and unearth opportunities at every stage of LNG and gas discovery, capture, and transport. Our service portfolio covers every stage of the LNG value chain:

This comprehensive portfolio of services is delivered through our flexible approach to designing and executing value-added solutions tailored to your LNG objectives. Bringing these features together from one company, we deliver data-driven insight that ensures your LNG project achieves its objectives and positions you for maximum success in the evolving energy landscape.

Gas-processing technologies

With expertise in gas-processing technologies, we understand the financial and technical drivers that optimize return on investment. Our broad technology portfolio and integrated EPC services enable us to accelerate your project schedule, reduce capital and operational costs, and boost production yield to maximize your profitability.


  • Production process modeling
  • Pretreatment
  • Liquefaction
  • Syngas production
  • Product conversion
  • Post-treatment
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Capital & operational cost estimates

Liquid natural gas

Varying dynamics affect the globally competitive LNG market. Experienced consultation can be a strategic competitive advantage in this evolving landscape. Audubon’s engineering experts are skilled in a comprehensive arsenal of abilities, allowing a deep understanding of the complexity of LNG project execution—and what it takes to succeed. Our experience, expertise, and technical capabilities provide you with the right solutions to meet your LNG project goals—no matter the scope or size of your requirements.

Liquid natural gas expertise

  • Onshore liquefaction & pretreatment facilities
  • Satellite LNG facilities
  • Small-scale LNG production
  • Bunkering & peak shaving facilities
  • Fueling facilities
  • LNG storage & vaporization facilities
  • Refrigerant systems
  • LNG storage tanks
  • Regasification facilities
  • Floating LNG (FLNG)

Gas-to-liquid operations

Gas-to-liquid (GTL) operations require well-designed infrastructure for optimal results. From early conceptual design to facility startup and operation, our deep GTL expertise and unmatched design capabilities deliver value at every phase of operations for maximized performance, productivity, and efficiency.

Gas-to-liquid experience

  • Technology selection
  • Catalyst selection
  • Inside & outside battery limit (ISBL & OSBL) design
  • Syngas generation
  • Fischer–Tropsch synthesis
  • Product upgrading
  • Modular & containerized design
  • Product storage & handling

Navigate LNG complexities and seize emerging opportunities with our expert integrated EPC services.

Project experience

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