Process Safety & Risk Management

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Process safety management that increases operational safety through risk management

Audubon specializes in process safety management, regulatory compliance, risk management, and operational safety. Our strengths include process safety management (PSM) guideline development, safety and environmental management system (SEMS) audits and due-diligence assessments.

Our disciplined approach to safe operations reduces risk, protects workers, and ensures your safety program is fully compliant. All environmental impacts from projects and operations will be minimized, if not eliminated. Our fit-for-purpose solutions are designed to meet your requirements and comply with all applicable regulations.

Process safety management through hazard analysis

Audubon’s team employs process hazard analysis (PHA) to help mitigate potential safety, environmental, and operability risks. Our analysis identifies safety risks and violations before they occur, reducing the frequency and severity of accidents. Our experienced facilitators help institute process safety management methodologies and afford compliance for all your projects.

Safety, environmental risk mitigation, & compliance solutions

Through vigorous audit programs, our inspectors will ensure your safety and environmental management system (SEMS) and environmental programs are robust, sound, and in compliance with regulations. Our services go beyond inspection and audit to include consultation, training, and planning to build your SEMS architecture for a safe and environmentally compliant workplace.


  • Hazards & operability (HazOps)
  • Hazards identification (HazID)
  • What-if analysis checklist
  • SEMS audits
  • SEMS program consulting
  • Gap assessments
  • Audit findings mitigation
  • Facilities siting

PSM guideline development

Seasoned safety personnel develop PSM guidelines per OSHA standard CFR1910.119. Next, our technical writing staff will accurately assemble manuals and procedures for all oil and gas processes, as well as preventive maintenance guidelines, per manufacturer guidelines and regulatory bodies. Our consultation meets your scope of work and includes appropriate language, clear formatting and writing, and informative graphics and visuals to enhance the overall usefulness of any documentation assigned.


  • Integrated commissioning & operational procedures
  • Custom photos & labeling to show critical elements of the procedure
  • Initial site visits during development of operational interface
  • Final site visits to review developed procedures

Our professionals serve your safety and risk compliance needs to keep your employees safe and minimize risk.

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