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Turnaround services that bring efficiency, safety, & reliability to mission-critical operations

Aududon’s experienced turnaround services team recognizes how a well-planned and well-executed plant turnaround is crucial to your ability to surpass previous levels of productivity and efficiency.

Partnering with Audubon for your next turnaround or modification project will accelerate project timelines, improve plant performance and equipment reliability, and circumvent issues that often lead to unexpected shutdowns.

We understand the time-critical nature of turnarounds and the unique technical and safety challenges involved. With our fully integrated turnaround services and developed best practices, our multidisciplinary experts deliver the comprehensive solutions required for safe, successful turnarounds, shutdowns, and emergency outages in the chemical, petrochemical, power, refining, and pulp and paper industries.

Turnaround services to outline success—from scope freeze to execution

As experts in project management, execution, planning, and scheduling, we help you control, implement, and optimize all phases of your next turnaround project. Our proven work processes encompass the scoping phase of the event, work preparation, execution delivery, and closeout.

We deliver on all cornerstones required for successful turnarounds—deep technical expertise and experience, around-the-clock responsiveness, data-driven technology, and plant-proven processes—all integrated into our proprietary methodology and carried out to stringent safety protocols.

At every stage of your operation, our turnaround management services provide you with predictability and efficiency to minimize shutdown time, costs, and uncertainties while maximizing quality and your return on investment.

Our turnaround management process

Our dedicated, qualified experts provide crucial support throughout the turnaround process, comparing existing processes against industry competition and implementing best practices. This holistic, comprehensive approach drives strategic and tactical decisions that improve the overall success of your turnaround.

  • Complete “turnaround-in-a-box” offering for full-lifecycle turnaround planning & execution
  • Industry benchmarking & scoring capabilities
  • Full portfolio of customizable workshops & reviews
  • Turnaround estimating & project controls, capabilities, & tools
  • Readiness & restart assessments


Readiness & review

Your turnaround goals, scope, work schedules, and cost undergo an invaluable cold-eye review that provides critical management insight and unearths hidden opportunities for optimization. Working with you, our professionals design projects that enhance efficiency and optimization on all turnarounds and across plant operations.

Our readiness and review process includes up to nine customized formal reviews implemented at strategic intervals. Services also include structured work processes for operations shutdown and startup, decontamination workshops, and machinery readiness reviews.

  • Turnaround strategy gap analysis
  • Operations shutdown & startup
  • Planning readiness review
  • Project controls & cost reviews
  • Formal scope challenge
  • Scope indexing review
  • Operational readiness review
  • Schedule optimization workshops
  • Scope development & optimization


Precise planning of turnaround services for successful execution

Our experienced team can plan and execute all aspects of your turnaround project, including mentoring and training your in-house team on discovering, evaluating, and implementing best practices. We follow a disciplined, multiphase approach to plan, schedule, staff, and execute turnarounds of all sizes.

  • Turnaround inspection planning
  • Turnaround manager mentoring
  • Planning & discovery engineering
  • Field execution, coordination, & oversight

Our specialized approach ensures safe and successful turnarounds.

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