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Unearthing efficiency across the blue & green hydrogen value chain

Blue and green hydrogen (H2) hold enormous potential for accelerating the world’s energy transition. This versatile, clean, and safe alternative to fossil fuels is well positioned to help operators in a range of industries meet their decarbonization goals as they move closer to a net-zero future.

Before industries and society can capitalize on the hydrogen economy, we must address its challenges—including the infrastructure needed to produce, transport, store, and utilize H2 for large-scale commercial and industrial implementation.  

Blue & green hydrogen project implementation

For decades, Audubon’s clients across markets, industries, and disciplines have used our integrated solutions to maximize productivity while mitigating environmental impact. As a leader in sustainable clean energy solutions, we stand at the forefront of supporting decarbonization initiatives. Our work in this area includes developing and delivering innovative hydrogen solutions that fit into your key performance objectives.

Integrated services for tomorrow’s blue & green hydrogen economy

With expertise that spans from blue and green hydrogen production to conversion and transmission to end-use applications like power generation and mobility, we are uniquely positioned to provide customized, holistic solutions that unlock the full economic potential of hydrogen.

From concept selection and economic modeling (including capex, opex, and tax incentives) to end-to-end turnkey projects, our full spectrum of engineeringprocurement, and construction (EPC) services is bolstered by continual support from our hydrogen-technology experts.

We also offer a comprehensive suite of third-party licensed clean energy technologies that we can integrate into your existing infrastructure or leverage as part of a greenfield facility to ensure optimized investment and maximized returns.

Core capabilities for tailored blue & green hydrogen clean energy solutions

  • Hydrogen production
    • Green hydrogen produced via renewables-powered electrolysis
    • Blue hydrogen produced via steam methane reformers (SMRs), autothermal reformers (ATRs), or partial oxidation (POX), in combination with carbon capture
  • Hydrogen pipelines
  • Hydrogen-based power generation
  • Hydrogen conversion to ammonia, methanol, & urea
  • Hydrogen storage & transport

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