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Data-informed pipeline software & integrity management solutions that maximize asset performance

Extending the life of aging asset infrastructure is a critical challenge for the energy and utilities industries. To meet business objectives, operators in these markets must strike a balance between maximizing the performance of their assets and infrastructure while navigating increasingly stringent and constantly evolving regulations.

Utilizing data-driven digital solutions, in-depth domain expertise, and localized experience, Audubon’s team ensures safety, reliability, and performance while maintaining compliance at all stages of your pipeline project. Audubon’s suite of pipeline software and integrity management solutions help you oversee, manage, automate, and optimize the entire lifecycle of your asset and crucial infrastructure. These fit-for-purpose, highly intuitive, and customizable tools deliver insights throughout the entire asset journey, so you can ensure safety, compliance, and productivity at every step.

Pipeline Integrity Software Solutions

Extending the life of aging asset infrastructure is a critical challenge for the energy and utilities industry.
Our end-to-end data-driven solutions ensure that your assets stay safe, compliant, and productive.

Liquids HCA & EFRD Analysis Tool

Leveraging the latest advancements in geospatial technology and computational fluid dynamics, Liquids HCA & EFRD Analysis Tool provides fast, accurate, reliable, and high-resolution analysis for high-consequence areas (HCAs) and emergency flow-restricting device (EFRD) locations. These actionable insights help improve certainty, reduce risk, and extend the lifecycle of your asset while ensuring pipeline integrity and safety for your personnel and the environment. HCA and EFRD Lite editions are also available for optimizing pipeline routing.

  • Overland & hydrographic spread polygons
  • EFRD volume plots
  • Could-affect segment mapping
  • Jurisdictional determination
  • Scalability with Microsoft Azure

Quantitative Risk Management Tool

Audubon’s Quantitative Risk Management Tool enables operators to comply with regulatory requirements for risk management on their pipeline and facility assets and make better-informed decisions for resource allocation—all at a lower overall cost. This comprehensive, flexible, and highly intuitive tool enhances the ability to plan for, prevent, and mitigate risks before they evolve into pipeline integrity threats.

  • Operational flexibility
  • Auditor-tested
  • Full customizability
  • Ease of implementation & reporting
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Quantitative analysis

MAOP Validation Tool

Our MAOP Validation Tool helps achieve regulatory compliance and increases the certainty that your pipelines are working within their designed safe operating envelope. This highly flexible, comprehensive, and accurate tool enables you to validate maximum operating pressure (MOP) and maximum-allowable operating pressure (MAOP) on virtual assets in line with your strategic digital transformation initiatives. The tool also serves as a place of record for pressure tests and component pressure documentation.

  • Increased efficiency, certainty, & flexibility
  • Minimized risk
  • Traceable, verifiable, & complete (TVC) data
  • Full compliance with 49 CFR Parts 192 & 195
  • Interoperability with all Esri products

Geospatial Asset Management Platform

Audubon’s Geospatial Asset Management Platform enables operators to optimize the maintenance and operation of their critical assets while remaining fully compliant with regulatory protocols. With this fit-for-purpose, value-adding platform, you can manage risk, identify gaps, improve workflows, assure compliance, and maximize your asset’s overall performance. The platform leverages the industry-standard Audubon Pipeline Referencing System (APRS), which eliminates guesswork from the digital transformation process.

  • Cost-effective deployment on existing Esri platforms
  • Efficient, confident decisions backed by data
  • Sophisticated data sorting
  • CAD & P&ID functionalities
  • Customizable maps & dashboards

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