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Enhance your trajectory toward a sustainable future with clean energy

Transitioning to clean energy affects industries, communities, and the environment. Global energy requirements continue to rise, and clean energy is a focal point across multiple markets and disciplines. To remain competitive, operators around the world must evolve to support the power needs of a growing population as well as find and implement new ways of meeting the demand—all while mitigating climate risks, navigating complex regulatory requirements, and addressing aging infrastructure.

Staying in front of new energy transition challenges—and reaping the benefits of emerging opportunities—requires innovation. End-to-end success necessitates engineering and technical excellence, data-driven insights, proven technologies, powerful project execution capabilities, and seamless collaboration at all phases.

Audubon can help you accelerate your journey from carbon fuels toward a net-zero carbon future and reduce the environmental impact of climate change.

Your partners for clean energy success

As leaders in the decarbonization, renewables, and hydrogen domains, we leverage our global experience, engineering expertise, and integrated technical capabilities to bring clean energy projects to market efficiently and reliably. From concept selection and early design to turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services and ongoing operational support, we provide tailored solutions that help you meet your environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) goals.

With expertise in both traditional and the latest technologies and digital capabilities, we deliver insight-driven solutions that support your long-term success in a sustainable future.

Our clean energy technical abilities

  • Alternative fuels transition
  • Carbon fuels equipment replacement plans
  • Renewable power & microgrids
  • Solar power generation
  • Onshore & offshore wind
  • Industrial hydrogen
  • Blue & green ammonia production
  • Renewable natural gas (RNG)
  • Carbon capture, utilization, & sequestration (CCUS)
  • Synthetic fuels

Markets we serve

Decarbonization | Audubon Companies


A customized carbon-reduction roadmap for long-term asset utilization and profitability.

Renewables | Audubon Companies


Fit-for-purpose wind, solar, and biogas solutions aligned with your environmental, social, and governance objectives.

Hydrogen | Audubon Companies


Advanced technologies and innovative engineering to capitalize on the blue and green hydrogen economy while furthering decarbonization efforts.