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Meeting the evolving needs of the chemical & energy markets with integrated, technology-driven solutions

The chemical and energy markets face mounting pressure to find smarter, more sustainable ways to meet tomorrow’s growing energy demand while addressing climate risks, regulatory requirements, and aging infrastructure. Audubon delivers fully integrated, technology-driven engineering, environmental, and technical solutions for the quickly transforming chemical and energy markets.

Since 1997, Audubon has helped clients in the onshore and offshore oil and gas, pipeline and terminal, petrochemical and refining, chemicals, and LNG energy markets to reach their goals. Our dedicated engineering, procurement, construction, and fabrication teams develop and manage new infrastructure projects, as well as maintain and optimize existing capital assets and operations.

Audubon’s technical and project expertise spans the entire energy and chemicals value chain—from concept, design, and construction to startup, maintenance, and decommissioning. Dynamic environmental, economic, and social sustainability concerns guide our decisions at every stage across the project life cycle.

Our comprehensive, flexible approach has established Audubon as a trusted resource for operators in the chemical and energy markets to achieve successful project outcomes that enhance performance, reduce risk, and improve efficiency.

Markets we serve

Onshore Oil & Gas | Audubon Companies | EPC

Onshore Oil & Gas

Bring sustainability to the evolving upstream and midstream oil and gas markets and reduce capex and opex.

Offshore & Deepwater | Audubon Companies | EPC

Offshore & Deepwater

Achieve high-value results without compromising budget or timeline.

Oil & Gas Pipelines | Audubon Companies

Pipelines & Terminals

Improve safety while reducing the risk and costs of critical infrastructure.

Petrochemical | Audubon Companies

Petrochemical & Refining

Maximize uptime at every stage of your downstream operation.

Chemicals | Audubon Companies


Save time and costs with a safe, effective turnkey solution.

LNG | Audubon Companies


Mitigate risks for the full life of LNG, terminal, and regasification projects.