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Sustainable decarbonization solutions for long-term success

Successful decarbonization initiatives require an experienced partner to create an effective roadmap to ensure successful achievement of energy transition goals. Since 1997, Audubon has worked with clients in the energy, power, utility, and infrastructure industries to plan, manage, and optimize their carbon-reduction plan. As a full-service engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company, we have built expertise across the decarbonization value chain. This experience, coupled with proven phased methodologies and technology-agnostic solutions, enables us to advise, assess, and execute innovative programs that are tailored to your specific clean energy targets.

Our goal is to help you navigate the energy transition with integrated carbon-reduction solutions that meet sustainability targets while maximizing operational performance and long-term profitability.

A phased approach to decarbonization

Audubon’s Pathway to Decarbonization Program (PDP) is a comprehensive framework that gives operators and developers a clear roadmap to decarbonize existing assets. Our phased approach comprises technical consultancy, project and operations expertise, carbon accounting, and technology-objective solutions to build a prioritized decarbonization roadmap with achievable outcomes. Whether you need to optimize one or multiple assets, your entire portfolio, across your business verticals, or across geographies, our agile and flexible framework can scale to fit your scope.

Phase 1: Decarbonization consulting

During this initial advisory phase, we perform an in-depth analysis that includes conducting carbon baseline audits and defining objectives. These actionable insights form the foundation for setting targets and assessing the best opportunities for implementation.

  • Analysis 
  • Carbon baseline auditing  
  • Objectives definition  
  • Target setting  

Phase 2: Decarbonization assessment

Leveraging powerful predictive analysis and intelligent modeling, we assess individual opportunities and rank them on operational and commercial viability as well as your targets and timeline. Each option is evaluated using defined targets as well as an objective, rational approach to selecting viable, proven technologies.

  • Alternative noncarbon fuels, including hydrogen, biofuels, renewable fuels, wind, & solar
  • Carbon capture, including emissions-control technologies & sequestration
  • Carbon offset schemes
  • Carbon reduction programs

Phase 3: Decarbonization execution

Audubon’s value-creating strategies and diverse capabilities enable us to traverse new policy opportunities and corporate initiatives to help you achieve your objectives in the energy transition and beyond. Our comprehensive turnkey engineering, technical expertise, and holistic management approach ensure successful project execution and continued optimization thereafter.

  • Comprehensive engineering & design
  • Implementation
  • Data-driven monitoring, visualization, & reporting

Project experience

Hydrogen Power Generation | Audubon Companies


Hydrogen Power Generation & CO2 Sequestration

Southwest United States

Hydrogen Fueling System | Audubon Companies


Long Beach Hydrogen Fueling Station for Vehicles


Hydrogen Power Generation | Audubon Companies


Blue Hydrogen, Ammonia & Urea Production Facility

Southwest United States

Renewable Natural Gas Pipeline | Audubon Companies


Renewable Natural Gas Pipeline

Houston, Texas

The world is charting a path to carbon neutrality.

Align with us to customize a carbon-reduction plan that maps your success toward a carbon-neutral future.