Non-Destructive Evaluations

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Safe, reliable, cost-effective non-destructive evaluations of critical infrastructure components

Non-destructive evaluations (NDE) detect, characterize, and measure the presence of damage mechanisms (e.g., corrosion or cracks) to ensure integrity and safety in the energypower, and utility industries. Defects that go undetected can lead to early replacement, costly repairs, or unexpected shutdowns. Non-destructive evaluations (NDE) help circumvent these obstacles by assessing the current state of material properties, components, or entire process units; monitoring the mechanisms that can cause damage; and providing insight into remaining asset life. The main goal of NDE is to ensure critical infrastructure is properly maintained to avoid catastrophic accidents and increase the safety of personnel and the environment.

Audubon provides comprehensive NDE and ancillary inspections that support quality control, regulatory compliance, and production excellence. We are specialists in determining factors that can threaten an asset lifecycle and rectifying them before they impact your operation. Our trained NDE professionals leverage decades of experience and cutting-edge technology to give you a comprehensive view of your pipeline and facility assets.

We deliver robust solutions, documentation, and data with the highest standards of safety, accuracy, and reliability. Using these data-informed solutions can enable you to maximize efficiency, minimize risk, and make better-informed decisions at every phase of your project.

Non-destructive evaluations and other capabilities

  • 3D scanning
  • Phased array ultrasound
  • Guided-wave ultrasound
  • Automated ultrasound
  • Semi-automated ultrasound
  • Magnetic particle testing
  • Carbon equivalency
  • Chemical analysis
  • Hardness
  • Soil resistivity
  • Soil & groundwater pH
  • Pipe-to-soil potentials
  • Sub-meter global positioning system (GPS)

Maximize uptime and make your best-informed decisions with expertly deployed non-destructive testing.

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