Industrial Control Panel Fabrication

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Custom, UL-rated industrial control panel design & fabrication grounded in EPC experience

Electrical control systems are the backbone of industrial facilities. Automation of industrial processes and equipment occurs with control panels that house electrical and connective components. From energy and utilities to food and automobiles, industrial operations depend on effective control panels designed for specification adherence and reliable function. Fabricating these complex engineered systems requires deep domain knowledge.

As a full-service engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction (EPFC) provider, Audubon is ready to meet your industrial automation and control panel needs. Our solutions are backed by UL certification, cutting-edge technology, and significant experience, so you receive the highest-quality, most reliable, and safest equipment for your control panel application.

From panels and controllers to entire control systems and motor control center (MCC) buildings, our in-house electrical experts, engineers, and skilled manufacturing personnel provide turnkey control solutions. Audubon’s EPC resources and knowledge mean a higher level of expertise in control panel design and build—resulting in superior product reliability and operational performance.

Higher reliability for optimized operational performance.

Fabrication expertise

  • Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
  • Distributed control systems (DCSs)
  • Safety instrumented systems (SISs)
  • Remote input/output (RIO) panels
  • Remote instrument enclosures (RIEs)
  • MCC buildings
  • Process instrumentation panels
  • Switch racks & bus stops
  • Analyzer & sample system packages
  • Field junction boxes
  • Fiber-optics panels
  • Power distribution panels
  • Server & network racks
  • Panel design data book

Integrated capabilities

  • Engineering & design
  • Fabrication & assembly
  • System staging
  • Factory acceptance testing (FAT)
  • Programming & configuration
  • Site acceptance testing (SAT)
  • Installation & construction services
  • Startup support

UL certifications

  • UL 508A—Enclosed industrial control panels (category NITW)
  • UL 698A—Control panels and assemblies for use in hazardous locations (category NNNY)

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