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P5 Pipeline ECDA

P5 Pipeline ECDA | Audubon Companies |Project Management of Oil and Gas Pipelines


Air Liquide


Corpus Christi, Texas

Project Summary:

Audubon Companies provided external corrosion direct assessment (ECDA) engineering and technical services to assess pipeline integrity for approximately seven miles of 8” diameter pipeline. The regulated pipeline was subject to integrity management (IM) rules, 49 CFR Part 192, Subpart O. Our team determined that ECDA was an acceptable method to assess the integrity of the pipeline. ECDA was employed to assess pipeline integrity where other assessment methods (in-line inspection, hydrostatic testing) were not feasible or economically viable. Our team provided turnkey services for individual components of the four-step ECDA process including data collection, feasibility analysis, indirect inspection surveys, direct examination digs, and anomaly characterization, data integration, remaining life and reassessment interval calculations and design of repairs.

Additionally, Audubon Companies field teams provided construction management and vendor surveillance for the fabrication outfitting and offshore installation of the 8-pile and 4-pile platforms, paint inspection I&E inspection, onsite cost tracking and material tracking, as well as HSE oversight. During the design phase Audubon Companies was fully integrated with the client’s project management team and provided constructability reviews, contractor assessments, and operability input for the two ultra-deep gas production facilities. Based in Metairie, Louisiana, the construction team coordinated with contractors and vendors, and managed onshore and offshore logistics throughout south Louisiana and south Texas.

Project Overview:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Sub-Centimeter GIS Integrated Data Collection
  • Secure Web Based Project Portal
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • In-House NACE Certified Corrosion Technicians & Specialists​

Scope of Work:

  • Project Management
  • Pre-Assessment Data Collection
  • Indirect Inspection (CIS, DCVG, PCM)
  • Direct Examination
  • Engineering Analysis & Reporting