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Meeting the rising demand for energy

Future-ready solutions for power generation support sustainability, reliability, and flexibility for highly demanding operations and remote infrastructure. Power plants, offshore oil and gas facilities, and self-powered, industrial and manufacturing facilities face increasing operational and regulatory challenges, while the demand for reliable and clean power continues to escalate. These facilities require complex design and robust execution to turn the power on—and keep it running.

To meet demand and thrive through the energy transition, the global power industry is reducing emissions through clean energy technologies. Solar, wind, turbine, and waste heat recovery methods meet the power industry’s increased energy requirements without compromising sustainability goals.

Services grounded in engineering expertise

Audubon identifies, engineers, and implements tailored power generation systems for greenfield facilities and brownfield upgrades. Equipped with advanced domain knowledge, engineering experience, and leading technologies, our services extend to renewables, turbine-driven power plants, offshore oil and gas platforms, and self-powered industrial processing plants. Audubon delivers combined-cycle, cogeneration, and carbon capture solutions that protect infrastructure and reduce environmental impact.

Our comprehensive solutions begin at conceptual planning and continue through design and implementation, including owner’s engineering services to support your assets over their life cycle. Committed to quality and project execution, our work results in safer and more efficient power facilities.

Power generation applications


Power generation capabilities

  • Power system analysis & conceptual planning
  • Detailed engineering & design
  • Owner’s engineering
  • Automation & control
  • Engine & generator package specification
  • Fuel gas system design
  • Black starts
  • Switchgear & power management interfaces
  • Waste heat recovery:
    • Cogeneration
    • Combined-cycle
    • Carbon capture (enhanced oil recovery or sequestration)

Achieve clean, robust, reliable power generation without compromising sustainability.

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