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Field services support and enhance critical infrastructure and facilities

Audubon’s field services team supports crucial energy and utility infrastructure and facilities with the required technical expertise to achieve project success. From initial planning, permitting, and site surveying, to design and construction management, and throughout operational and maintenance support, Audubon provides innovative solutions to meet the challenges you face, such as maintaining ever-evolving compliance and regulatory standards, which has become fundamental at every phase of the asset lifecycle.

Whether you are developing a new asset or optimizing existing operations and processes, Audubon’s experience and expertise in technical and field services help you meet sustainability criteria, reduce risk, and control costs while improving reliability and performance at each step of your project.

Since 1997, we’ve accumulated deep expertise and experience in all aspects of infrastructure and facility services, including surveying, inspection, asset integrity, development, construction, project management, and complete turnkey operations and maintenance. In each project, at all stages, our professionals work with you to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and help mitigate environmental and safety risks. Leveraging our diversified portfolio of integrated field services, advanced technologies, and engineering disciplines, we provide the data-driven solutions and value-adding insight you need to address project requirements and business objectives—all with a keen focus on safety, reliability, and quality.

Operator-qualified personnel

We utilize ISNetworld, Veriforce, OQSG, and NCCER for compliance tracking and access to operator-qualified (OQ) personnel. ASTAR, Inc. is our preferred OQ provider.

Core capabilities

Construction Management | Audubon Companies

Construction Management

Improve productivity and efficiency while reducing field downtime and costs with tailored construction management services.

Inspection | Audubon


Ensure the availability, safety, and reliability of your facilities and assets with global inspection services.

Vendor Surveillance | Audubon Companies

Vendor Surveillance

Increase transparency and ensure quality and compliance for all of your equipment and purchased products.

Survey & Mapping | Audubon

Survey & Mapping

Leverage the latest digital technologies to maximize your project’s success, regardless of its size or scope.

Land & Right of Way | Audubon

Land & Right-of-Way

Integrate local expertise and specialized knowledge to solve even the most complex land development challenges.

Material Verification | Audubon Companies

Material Verification

Choose a systematic approach to material verification that ensures traceable, verifiable, and complete (TVC) operations.

Non-Destructive Evaluations

Non-Destructive Evaluations

Make better decisions and minimize risk with comprehensive non-destructive evaluations and ancillary inspections of energy, utility, and power assets.

Asset Integrity | Audubon Companies

Asset Integrity & Corrosion

Safely and reliably extend productive life with customized solutions that boost asset integrity and combat corrosion.

Crane & Heavy Lift Services | Audubon Companies

Crane & Heavy Lift Services

Empower your new-build construction, operations, maintenance, and decommissioning projects with deep domain expertise and experience.

On-Site Water Treatment Solutions | Audubon

On-Site Water Treatment Solutions

Eliminate the need for frac tanks with customized, turnkey, trailer-mounted water treatment solutions.

Facility Integrity Solutions | Audubon Companies

Facility Integrity Solutions

Reduce costs, decrease maintenance, and ensure reliable operations with our advanced facility services.

Project experience

XTO Cowboy CDP | Audubon Companies


Cowboy Central Delivery Point (CDP)

Eddy County, New Mexico

Augustus Pipeline | Audubon Companies


Augustus Pipeline


Kremlin Cathodic Protection System | Audubon Companies


Kremlin Cathodic Protection System

Enid, Oklahoma

P5 Pipeline ECDA | Audubon Companies | Project Management of Oil and Gas Pipelines


P5 Pipeline External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA)

Corpus Christi, Texas