GIS Mapping & Data Management

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Providing integrated GIS mapping solutions

Audubon’s specialized capabilities in GIS mapping solutions are based on decades of experience. Applying new technology, we plan, design, and develop optimal solutions for your next pipeline or infrastructure project. We are experts at collecting and organizing accurate locational field data for any project. We capture such data for further analysis and integrate it with sophisticated GIS mapping applications to drive more informed decisions, improve asset performance, minimize risk, and reduce costs for successful project outcomes.

The data collected through GIS mappingfrom initial design and construction to operations and maintenance recordscan be compiled and accessed anywhere and anytime to make asset management decisions. Our integrated solutions and processes help our clients manage business requirements to control costs and increase productivitysafely and reliably.

Deploying drone surveying technology to drive progress & decisions

Utilizing state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), our geospatial specialists take data collection practices to the next level. Drones capture millions of data points with each short flight in a fraction of the time without sacrificing accuracy or safety. Audubon creates field-to-finish deliverables for topographic mapping, infrastructure inspection, construction progress, precision agriculture, and environmental management.

GIS mapping & data management capabilities

  • Data collection & integration
  • Data management & maintenance
  • Conceptual route design & analysis
  • Web-based project viewing
  • Real-time business data & reports
  • Right-of-way data management
  • Integrity management & risk assessment
  • Alignment sheets, construction sketches, & route maps
  • Enterprise mapping & reporting
  • Field operations
  • Data & application hosting
  • Advanced data capture, conversion, & migration
  • Project data management & survey support
  • Consulting & professional services
  • Field data collection via portable electronic devices (Apple/Android)
  • Data imported to populate GIS databases
  • GIS data employed to create various deliverables
  • High consequence area (HCA) analysis

GIS mapping technology solutions & partners

We utilize our fit-for-purpose, value-added GIS mapping and data management platforms to streamline workflows and deliver data that enables improved risk management, maintenance, and assurance compliance. Our portfolio of technology solutions includes

From detailed data validation to automated alignment sheets and project data management, we leverage Blue Sky’s mapping, management, and data applications to provide insight that enables advanced project outcomes. Our survey and mapping teams utilize the following Blue Sky applications:

  • Skyline
  • Lightning
  • Dash
  • Orbital Projects

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