Carbon Capture

Carbon capture with integrated EPC solutions

Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is a complex process that removes CO2 emissions from energy processing operations to mitigate the environmental impact of greenhouse gases. CCS is rapidly advancing across energy markets utilizing existing infrastructure for the transport and storage of CO2.

Audubon is committed to ensuring a sustainable energy future. With integrated EPC solutions and multidisciplinary knowledge, we deploy CO2 solutions at scale to support decarbonization targets for industrial facilities, power plants, pipeline infrastructure, refineries, chemical plants, and other CO2 emission sources.

Carbon capture technologies to remove CO2 & maximize production onshore

As we envision a lower-carbon future, Audubon specializes in CO2 technologies, CO2 development projects, and CCS projects, including those that qualify for federal 45Q tax credits and the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard. We focus on flexibility and agile problem-solving to help operators control costs with innovative technologies and energy-efficient processes to remove CO2 while maximizing production. For onshore oil and gas processing facilities looking to reduce carbon emissions over the long term, Audubon has the technical knowledge and experience to accelerate your carbon capture initiatives.

Offshore CO2 injection platform engineering & design for the Gulf of Mexico

Balancing profitability and sustainability, Audubon designs and engineers an offshore platform for shallow-water CO2 injection and storage wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Designed for unmanned operations, the platform utilizes leading automation and control technologies for reliable, fully remote functions and monitoring—meaning minimized maintenance visits, reduced risk exposure, and boosted operational and production efficiencies.

Carbon capture capabilities

  • Project development for all flue gas and industrial CO2 emissions sources
  • Front-end engineering & design (FEED) of CCS facilities
  • EPC & EPCM for complete facilities
  • CCS via enhanced oil recovery, geologic storage, or secondary CO2 utilization
  • Engineering & design for offshore CO2 injection & storage platforms
  • Project financing via tax equity/private equity partnerships

Achieving your decarbonization success metrics with scalable CCS solutions

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