Carbon Capture

Carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration are key to ensuring a sustainable energy future.

As the demand for cleaner energy grows, we are committed to supporting global decarbonization with the most advanced CCUS technologies.

Audubon’s technical proficiency and CO2 project experience can accelerate your carbon capture initiatives by efficiently removing emissions from your operations. Our proactive approach to CCUS utilizes advanced carbon capture technology and leverages our knowledge of federal opportunities and standards—boosting your operational and business potential. Mitigate the environmental effects of greenhouse gases with scalable CO2 solutions.

Sustainable carbon capture and storage with integrated EPC solutions

CCUS is rapidly advancing across energy and industrial markets. With integrated EPC capabilities and proven project development, we deploy carbon capture systems customized for your sustainability objectives and success metrics. We bring flexibility and agile problem-solving to help operators control costs with energy-efficient processes that remove CO2 while maximizing production.

CO2 Technologies

Compression + pumping
Amine systems
Pressure + temperature swing
Hydrocarbon-SOx-NOx removal
Refrigeration + dehydration
Metering + custody

Project experience

CO2 usage EOR | Audubon Companies


Carbon Dioxide Transport & Processing for EOR

United States

Hydrogen Power Generation | Audubon Companies


Hydrogen Power Generation & CO2 Sequestration

Southwest United States

Large Scale CO2 Sequestration | Audubon Copanies


Large-Scale Carbon Capture & Sequestration

Southwest, United States

Carbon Dioxide Capture | Audubon Companies


Carbon Dioxide Capture—Power Generation

United States