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Enhance efficiency, performance, and ROI with expert facility operations and maintenance services

Managing your assets’ operations and maintenance (O&M) is required to achieve and extend high rates of productivity, reliability, and efficiency while balancing cost and ROI goals.

Audubon’s integrated O&M services provide the resources, materials, and equipment necessary to maximize value, safety, and efficiency throughout the asset lifecycle. From initial feasibility studies and engineering to facility operations and continuing maintenance, we work with you to improve plant efficiency, productivity, and safety within your budget and timeline.

Customizing solutions from our full O&M portfolio

Our expert solutions cover turnarounds, debottlenecking, commissioning and startups, and decommissioning for land and offshore assets, including industrial and commercial facilities, buildings, pipelines, plants, and terminals. For personnel requirements, we offer in-plant staffing services that place multidisciplinary technical professionals at your worksite, giving you the benefits of in-depth domain expertise in your workforce without having to recruit and hire the talent. Whether you need a one-time service deployment or a comprehensive suite of integrated O&M solutions, we tailor our offerings to your unique objectives, no matter the size or scope of your project.

Dynamic O&M support for infrastructure assets

Improving your facility operations, productivity, resource conservation, utilization, and lifecycle costs enables you to boost your return on investment while reducing risks. Our O&M services combine technology-driven capabilities, industry knowledge, and decades of experience to deliver safe, efficient, and reliable operations. Together, we can keep your assets running at peak performance and safety at every phase.

Your partner for operations and maintenance excellence

Utilizing our decades of experience in infrastructure assets, equipment, and components, we identify and eliminate inefficiency to enable you to create more value using fewer resources. Our objective is to extend your asset’s productive life; ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations; and protect your capital investments—all while upholding the highest HSE standards.

Working with you, Audubon extracts the maximum value from your team, processes, technology, and infrastructure to increase your facility’s efficiency, performance, safety, and returns.

O&M expertise

  • Facilities management services
  • Pipeline & tank jurisdictional analysis
  • Integrity & risk management programs
  • Plant O&M services & programs
  • Turnaround planning & management
  • Water & wastewater management
  • Operator training
  • Establishment of preventive maintenance programs
  • Third-party product transportation
  • Process safety management (PSM) guideline development

Achieve peak efficiency, safety, and performance with a tailored suite of O&M solutions.

Core capabilities

Turnaround Management | Audubon Companies

Turnaround Management

Accelerate the project timeline, improve plant performance and equipment reliability, and circumvent issues before they affect operations.

Optimization & Debottlenecking

Optimization & Debottlenecking

Enhance, extend, and maximize the productivity of brownfield assets for optimal return on investment.

Commisioning & Start Up

Commissioning & Start-Up

Boost uptime, safety, and performance from final construction to operation and handover.

Decommissioning | Audubon Companies


Unlock the hidden value of end-of-life assets with optimized decommissioning and dismantling strategies.


In-Plant Services | Audubon Companies

In-Plant Engineering Services

Bolster your team with professional, quality, and safety-minded personnel with the qualifications and expertise needed to meet your engineering objectives.

Disaster Response & Restoration Services | Audubon Companies

Disaster Recovery & Restoration Services

Recover quickly from catastrophic events with our multidisciplinary capabilities and technical field expertise.

Solar O&M Services | Audubon Companies

Solar Services

Maximize your solar energy asset’s ROI with our complete suite of turnkey asset management and O&M services.