Conceptual Design & Feasibility Studies

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Providing a Return on Investment for Project Justification

Audubon Companies provides conceptual design & feasibility studies to help clients define project scope and mitigate risks to meet strategic project objectives. Supporting a wide range of markets, our comprehensive conceptual design and feasibility study solutions give clients comprehensive insight into the viability of their projects through technical definition of a project.

We help identify potential obstacles and risks to completion, formulate viable alternatives and analyze available and needed resources to achieve success. Our services also establish a preliminary plan including scope of work and functional specifications to provide a well-defined starting point for a project Front End Engineering Design (FEED).

Our in-depth analysis covers:

  • Technical definition 
  • Project scope & limits 
  • Duration of project phases 
  • Risks & obstacles to completion 
  • Availability of adequate funding 
  • Resources for limiting or funding cost overruns 
  • Project constraints (legal, regulatory, & logistical) 
  • Availability of personnel, equipment & supplies 
  • Due Diligence 
  • Technology Selection 

Supporting clients in evaluating technical, economic and financial feasibility of a project.


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