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Value, safety, & reliability—throughout your project & beyond

Decommissioning services take the large-scale, complex endeavor of ending the productive life of your facility, plant, or infrastructure asset and make it simple. Timely, safe, and effective decommissioning considers each discrete component, the integrated facility, and the environment in which it works.

By collaborating with Audubon for your decommissioning project, you can mitigate safety and environmental risks while achieving your project objectives. Our decades of experience, data-driven insights, and unmatched technical capabilities secure a reliable conclusion to asset life and unlock the hidden value of end-of-life assets.

A complete decommissioning services portfolio

Audubon’s turnkey project services provide a single solution for asset recovery, dismantling, remediation, and decommissioning services. Applying technology-driven technical capabilities, decades of experience, and rigorous safety procedures, we enable effective and environmentally responsible solutions to decommission and close nonoperational facilities—on time and on budget.

Our efficient decommissioning services approach

No matter the location, scale, or complexity of your project, we can help you optimize your decommissioning and dismantling strategy in line with your business objectives. Our resources, expertise, and capabilities cover the full value chain for superior decommissioning, including multidisciplinary engineering, project managementconstruction, operations, regulatory permitting, asset reuse, and more.

Extract the full asset value

In addition to these skills, we apply industry best practices and value-adding insight that unearth opportunities for efficiency at every stage of the decommissioning workflow. We evaluate every aspect of the decommissioned asset and relay possibilities for reclamation, reuse, and monetization with the aim of maximizing the return on your investment—even after the asset’s productive life ends.


  • Permitting & regulatory compliance
  • Remediation
  • Reclamation
  • Dismantling & relocation
  • Asset salvage

Discover and monetize the hidden value of end-of-life assets—safely and dependably.

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