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Scalable automation and control solutions for efficiency and security

Advanced automation and control systems have allowed industrial facilities to rapidly evolve their operations through digital transformation. Connecting the facility, hardware, and personnel to digital applications brings all relevant data, processes, and workflows into a holistic view for complete oversight and control. Automation and control systems enable you to:

  • maintain safety and environmental standards
  • proactively safeguard against security threats
  • overcome obstacles before they cause short- or long-term business disruption
  • extract the maximum value of your investment

As the world moves toward Industry 4.0 and beyond, Audubon helps you maximize competitiveness with field-proven, vendor-independent automation solutions. For decades, we’ve worked with clients to gain a deep understanding of complex operational challenges and drive results through innovation and superior quality. Our collaborative approach, data-informed technologies, and broad domain experience ensure reliability and efficiency in all your processesregardless of project size or scope.


Your partner for superior automation and control solutions

As an integrated engineering firm, our automation instrumentation and control (I&C) services are part of a multidisciplinary offering. Audubon’s expertise encompasses process automation, operational technology (OT), functional safety, cloud computing technologies, and a range of cutting-edge applications.

Understanding the importance of facility uptime, our dedicated team of technical experts uses innovative technology, tools, and industry best practices to deliver automation systems that meet business objectives. Through our dynamic corporate team, we provide vendor-agnostic turnkey engineering solutions that incorporate safety and security into every new facility and retrofit design.

From integrating control systems and industrial networking to enabling secure remote access for industrial control systems, safety systems, and SCADA platforms, our technical solutions, and strategies help you achieve your automation and control goals—with safety, reliability, and productivity.

Core capabilities

Industrial Control Systems | Audubon Companies

Industrial Control Systems

Maximize facility efficiency with turnkey solutions that automate and optimize processes across the enterprise.

OT & Cybersecurity

Operational Technology

Proactively protect your operational technology and business continuity with a tailored defense against threats.

Safety Instrumented Systems

Safety Instrumented Systems

Maintain compliance, integrity, and reliability across the full safety system lifecycle with a holistic view of your asset.

SCADA | Audubon Companies


Drive stronger business decisions with scalable, fit-for-purpose supervisory control and data acquisition solutions.

Project experience

PLC Upgrade and On-line Cutover | Audubon Companies


PLC Upgrade and On-Line Cutover


Cypress & Spruce Compressor Stations | Audubon Companies | Integrated EPC Services


Onsite Process Control Domain Support


Cryogenic Facility Expansions | Audubon Companies


Cryogenic Facility Expansions

Marcellus Shale

Fractionator Control System Upgrade | Audubon Companies


Fractionator Control System Upgrade

Marcellus Shale