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Engineering the future of power & utilities

To secure our power supply for the long term, industry and government entities are looking to modernize power and utility networks. Infrastructure for power & utilities needs to exhibit greater operational resilience, reliability, security, and flexibility. It also needs to prove sustainability for the energy transition by supporting emissions reduction and renewable resources.

At Audubon, our advanced engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) solutions are modernizing power systems for the future. As the electric grid continues to age and as power facilities become more vulnerable, we are applying innovative engineering and cutting-edge technologies to help operators keep the power on. For industrial power operators and utility companies, we deliver efficient upgrades, smart designs, optimized controls, and robust protection of electrical infrastructure.

Multidisciplinary expertise across power & utilities industries

From electrical substations, renewable collection stations, and turbine-driven power plants to relay protection systems and industrial power management, Audubon studies, designs, builds, and maintains the infrastructure that powers our world. Our EPC services span the power project life cycle and are focused on cost-effectively meeting the unique requirements of each operator and environment. We combine multidisciplinary expertise and agile problem-solving with a proven record of safety and project execution to ensure reliability and resilience for your power system.

Power & utilities applications

Markets we serve

Substations and Distribution | Audubon

Substations & Distribution

Multidisciplinary EPC solutions to improve performance, sustainability, and asset life for the modern power-grid.

Power Generation | Audubon Companies | EPC

Power Generation

Clean, robust, reliable energy solutions for complex, high-demand operations.