PALO Pipeline Survey and Permitting

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PALO Pipeline Survey and Permitting

Audubon | PALO Pipeline Surveying & Permitting Project


Chevron Pipe Line Co.


Mont Belvieu, Texas

Project Summary:

Chevron Pipe Line Company engaged Audubon for pipeline survey and permitting on its Port Arthur Line Optimization (PALO) effort. The optimization consisted of 8-in. pipeline removal and installation of 12- and 18-in. pipeline, routing, valve sites, and trap sites over nearly 80 miles through East Texas.

Audubon evaluated existing alignment sheets and CAD files to verify and validate the centerline, ground obstructions, and utility crossings. The team then established benchmarks using leading technologies and adhering to the operator’s geographic information system (GIS) standards; developed and issued Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) alignment sheets and plats; staked for construction; and surveyed valve- and trap-location grading. Permitting was completed by knowledgeable personnel for both environmental and nonenvironmental entities.

For construction, Audubon supplied as-built survey data, alignment sheets, and 90+ horizontal directional drill (HDD) drawings. Audubon’s precise data management throughout the project ensured material traceability, and our pipeline survey and permitting expertise enabled confident construction and startup for Chevron’s PALO project.

Project Overview:

  • 80-mile pipeline removal & installation
  • Permanent & temporary pig traps
  • Mainline valve sites with remote operation
  • Upstream/downstream blowdown valves
  • Valve-site power updates/upgrades

Scope of Work:

  • Preliminary pipeline survey
  • IFC alignment sheets & plats
  • Environmental & nonenvironmental permitting
  • As-built alignment sheets & certified plats
  • 90+ HDD drawings
  • GIS & data management