Analytics & Data Integration for Pipeline Integrity

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Analytics & Data Integration for Pipeline Integrity

Pipeline Integrity Data Integration & Analytics | Audubon Companies


Northville Holding Corp.


Long Island, NY

Project Summary:

Audubon provided pipeline data integration services to support Northville Holding Corp’s (Northville) compliance with PHMSA’s 49 CFR Part 195.452, pipeline integrity management in high-consequence areas. The project included the development and management of an ArcOnline web portal for their Long Island pipeline system.

Audubon created the initial staging area to house all of Northville’s as-built data. The team also developed data visualizations for granular data sets, including in-line inspection (ILI) and close interval surveys (CIS). The system was incorporated into Northville’s operation and maintenance (O&M) field data collection process.

PDF and paper documents were replaced with forms created in Survey123 and ArcCollector, and O&M data is fed into ArcOnline portal via digital field tablets.

Scope of Work:

  • ArcOnline Web Portal for all Northville As-Built Data
  • Northville Centerlines, Pipeline and Point Feature Attributes Recreated in PODS
  • Legacy Data Migration
  • Data Dictionary Development and Management
  • Survey123/ArcCollector Form Development and Deployment
  • Custom Maps
  • Customized Analytical Tools
  • Customized Reports
  • Data Management and Technical Suppor