Gray Oak Pipeline Survey Services

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Gray Oak Pipeline Survey Services

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Phillips 66



Project Summary:

Audubon was selected by Phillips 66 to provide pipeline survey services for the Gray Oak pipeline system in Texas. At 850 miles long, Gray Oak is the largest pipeline constructed by the energy company. It connects the Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford Shale and can transport up to 900,000 barrels per day of crude oil to demand centers on the Texas Gulf Coast.

For 423 miles of 30- and 8-inch pipelines, Audubon supplied the civil survey, certified plats, and horizontal directional drill (HDD) drawings. During the construction phase, we provided the as-built survey, plats, permits, HDD drawings, and alignment sheets. Across four construction spreads, 40 two-person survey crews helped keep the massive pipeline project on schedule.

Supported by our expert pipeline survey personnel and data deliverables, Phillips 66 was able to confidently construct this critical pipeline and begin flowing crude to meet the continued demand for affordable energy.

Project Overview:

  • Crude oil transportation pipeline with four spreads
  • 410 miles of 30-inch pipeline
  • 13 miles of 8-inch pipeline

Scope of Work:

  • Civil survey
  • Certified plats, permits, & HDD drawings
  • As-built certified plats, permits, HDD drawings, & alignment sheets