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We take safety seriously—every day

At Audubon, we firmly believe that people are at the center of what we do. The health of our co-workers and clients is of the utmost importance to us. Whether in the office or on a job site, we are committed to creating an incident-free environment that complies with ever-evolving procedures and regulations.

Our comprehensive strategy is based on three key elements—leadership, staff accountability, and observation. Safeguarding the workplace begins with teamwork and leadership, and everyone has the authority and obligation to stop any work believed to be hazardous. We take every possible preventative and corrective measure to ensure every employee makes it home safely each day.

Engaged leadership

Audubon’s comprehensive safety approach can be traced back to the top of our organization. Our leadership team is committed to fostering a culture of safety and care. Line management is responsible and accountable for implementing and enforcing our approved safety programs.

Our safety record is a direct reflection of our genuine commitment not just to compliance, but also to the general health and well-being of people, the environment, and the community.

Staff accountability

All of our employees are expected to take proactive steps to maintain a safe and secure workplace. Every one of our professionals is empowered to stop work if they identify an issue so that the situation can be investigated and the potential hazard eliminated. Each employee is personally responsible for the safety of themselves and every co-worker.

Observation & improvement initiative

Our HSE Department constantly monitors, measures, analyzes, and refines key initiatives to ensure that our projects comply with the most rigorous and up-to-date safety standards.

Our comprehensive safety program has earned us one of the best records in the industry.