Hydrogen Power Generation & CO2 Sequestration

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Hydrogen Power Generation & CO2 Sequestration

Hydrogen Power Generation | Audubon Companies


Private Equity Developer


Southwest United States

Project Summary:

Audubon conducted a conceptual study, front-end engineering and design (FEED), and economic study of a large-scale hydrogen plant. The project included the conversion of inlet methane gas into a purity blue hydrogen product. The hydrogen plant captures 600,000 MTPA for carbon dioxide sequestration. The produced blue hydrogen supplies the driving fuel for combined cycle power generation (150 MW), displacing traditional carbon fuels. The project targeted energy transition goals to net-zero emission energy sources.

Project Overview:

  • Alternative fuel
  • Auto-thermal reformer
  • Blue hydrogen production
  • Water shift reaction
  • Carbon capture & sequestration
  • Power generation

Scope of Work:

  • Conceptual study
  • Front-end engineering & design (FEED)
  • Technology selection
  • Equipment specification
  • Facility layout and modeling
  • Key engineering drawings
  • Economic modeling
  • Total installed cost (TIC) estimating
  • Pro forma modeling for investors