Remote Operations Support for Industrial Control Systems & SCADA Platforms

Remote Operations Support for Industrial Control Systems & SCADA Platforms

Last updated Jun 12, 2023 | Published Mar 19, 2020 | Petrochemicals & Refining

Oil & Gas Business Continuity Solutions for Remote Workforce

Enabling secure remote access for industrial control systems and SCADA platforms is a key element in a defense-in-depth strategy. Audubon Companies’ operational technology (OT) and automation professionals have a long history of installing and maintaining remote monitoring and configuration interfaces for these types of advanced systems and platforms while conforming to the security standards established by our customers.

Remote Operations Support Audobon Companies

With remote working environments on the rise, our automation group is equipped to set up multiple remote connections for clients’ control systems to allow offsite access and provide controlled support across the oil and gas, downstream, pipeline, and terminal markets. Our remote solutions integrate OT-based access solutions with industry-leading threat protection that extend from the site, data center to the cloud and network, helping companies mitigate business disruptions.

Key Advantages of Our Remote Operations Support Include:

  • Remote technical and diagnostic services
  • Quick collaboration of key remote stakeholders
  • Live Operational visibility for key offsite personnel
  • Reduction of operational costs by reducing travel and minimizing risks
  • Secure connections and active monitoring of remote access activity
  • Control of Owner’s personnel and/or third-party managed access

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