MINCO4 & MINCO5 Ac Mitigation Study


Audubon Companies provided an AC interference and mitigation study on the existing pipelines, located between Woodward and Oklahoma City. The pipelines will be in collocation with two (2) proposed High Voltage AC (HVAC) overhead transmission lines, namely MINCO4 and MINCO5. The objective of this study was to identify the level of AC interference on the existing pipelines from the proposed MINCO4 and MINCO5 power lines under average and peak loads and to propose a conceptual design for the AC mitigation system, for both safety and corrosion compliance.

The following were investigated as part of this study:

  • The risk to personal safety, under both steady-state and fault conditions.
  • The coating stress voltage, and pipeline integrity risk under fault conditions.
  • The AC corrosion risk under steady-state conditions.
  • The risk of arcing between tower footing and the pipeline under fault and lightning conditions, due to the proximity of the two systems.
  • Simulations were performed using the Elsyca IRIS software.

Project Overview

  • In-House NACE Certified Corrosion Technicians & Specialists
  • Sub-meter GIS Integrated Data Collection
  • Secure Web Based Project Portal
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Impartial Analysis (Do not sell or Install Mitigation Systems) & Specialists

Project Scope

  • Project Management
  • Field Data Collection
  • HVAC / Pipeline Data Retrieval
  • Simulation Construction & Analysis
  • Mitigation System Detailed Design for Construction