Chisholm Cryogenic Gas Plant

Engineering, design, procurement, fabrication, and construction of a grassroots 120 MMSCFD refrigerated turboexpander plant utilizing the GSP process to extract 92% of the ethane and essentially 100% of the heavier hydrocarbons from the rich natural gas feed stream.  Facilities include a 330 gpm amine unit for CO2 removal from both inlet gas and Y-Grade liquid product, 2050 HP of electric motor-driven screw refrigeration compression, and 9000 HP of turbine-driven centrifugal recompression. 

Project Overview: 

  • 120 MMSCFD Capacity 
  • Cryogenic Gas Processing Plant 
  • Gas Subcooled Process (GSP) 
  • Turboexpander 
  • Propane Refrigeration 
  • Amine Product Treating 
  • Residue Reciprocating Compression, Solar Turbine 
  • Plant Utilities (Flare, drain, power, instrument air) 
  • Greenfield 


Scope of Work: 

  • Project Management 
  • Detail Engineering & Design 
  • Automation and Control 
  • Construction Management 
  • Process Safety Analysis