Design Optimization Opportunities

At Audubon Engineering Solutions, our VR Solutions Division is dedicated to the development of cutting edge virtual reality and augmented reality products to reduce risk, lower development costs, improve project outcomes, and stakeholder communication. Our in-house team of VR developers and designers provide the user with an immersive VR experience as they are transported into a full scale, interactive 3D model. Our clients benefit from the ability for key stakeholders to harness depth perception in VR for the purposes of finding design optimization opportunities. Thus, reducing cost by utilizing feedback on design or implementing enhanced training to avoid mistakes prior to anyone actually stepping into the field.

Depth & Dimension

As leaders in VR technology, our developers and designers are committed to leading the industry in this rapidly evolving technology. Whether you are looking to add more depth and dimension to 3D model reviews, highlight or showcase a product or facility, or simply a need an effective communication tool for stakeholder engagement, our VR solutions can help.


Enhanced Modeling Review

We provide a valuable method for quickly and effectively communicating a model layout or concept including:

  • Enhanced model design reviews
  • Turnaround planning
  • Construction sequencing
  • Critical lifting simulation
  • Equipment orientation/training simulation
  • Field operator training simulation
  • Stakeholder and investor presentations

Innovative Solutions

VR tecnology provides innovative ways to interact with a traditional 3D CAD model including:

  • Model visualization, navigation, and annotation
  • Customized animations
  • Customized interactive content
  • Sound, voice-overs
  • Other enhancements

Visualization That Takes 3D Model Designs To New Heights

Adding new depth and dimension to 3D model reviews.


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