Audubon Companies Awarded Contract for Murphy Exploration’s King’s Quay FPS Project

Audubon Companies Awarded Contract for Murphy Exploration’s King’s Quay FPS Project

HOUSTON, TX October 10, 2019 — Audubon Companies, a global provider of EPCM services, announced today that it has secured a new contract to provide detailed engineering and design services, as well as procurement and construction support for Murphy Exploration & Production Company – USA King’s Quay FPS project which will be installed in the Gulf of Mexico.

Previously, Audubon Companies provided design, procurement, and construction management services for the Delta House FPS, currently owned and operated by Murphy.  Audubon Companies utilized a “one-size-fits-most” standard design approach to accommodate a wide range of hydrocarbons and reservoir characteristics.

Project Details

The scope of work will include engineering and design of the entire King’s Quay FPS topsides with complete oil, water, and gas processing trains.  The project scope also includes the design of the topsides interfaces to the hull, lifesaving equipment, marine and utility systems, accommodations, crane foundations, and other appurtenances.  Continuing with the same innovative design approach used during the development of the Delta House FPS, Audubon Companies will apply its engineering expertise to incorporate design flexibility into all processing equipment for the King’s Quay FPS to achieve an optimal design for handling a broad range of reservoir characteristics.

King’s Quay FPS

The King’s Quay deepwater semi-submersible FPS closely replicates one of the most efficient production systems in the Gulf of Mexico: the Delta House FPS. Utilizing a similar design to the Delta House FPS, King’s Quay will feature a two-level topsides deck with a 10,000-ton payload. The facility will have a nominal production capacity of 80,000 BOPD, with a peak capacity of 100,000 BOPD.  Gas capacity will be 100 MMscf/d, with expansion capabilities to 240 MMscf/d of gas. The platform is designed to withstand wind and waves from a 1,000-year storm.  The final installation will be in the Green Canyon area of the Gulf of Mexico. First oil is expected in 2022.

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