Electric Substation Engineering for Gas-Processing Plant

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Electric Substation Engineering for GasProcessing Plant

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XcL Midstream


Clear Fork, West Virginia

Project Summary:

Audubon supplied electric substation engineering and design services for an XcL Midstream gas-processing plant in Clear Fork, West Virginia. Chapman Corporation contracted Audubon as a trusted partner for electrical and structural engineering, as well as project management, for the multibay substation.

The Audubon team routed two 138-kV overhead transmission lines entering into XcL Midstream’s electric substation into independent 100-MVA transformers. The transformers stepped down the voltage to 13.8 kV before the lines were rerouted to a state-of-the-art, Audubon-designed power distribution center (PDC) via overhead bus ducts.

Our scope of responsibility included a full suite of detailed engineering and design services, including utility interface and interconnect, substation yard layout, structural design, ground grid calculation and design, relay engineering, relay settings files generation, power factor correction and harmonic filtering, PDC design, RTAC programming, and equipment selection. With the electric substation engineering services provided by knowledgeable Audubon professionals, XcL Midstream ensured reliable power to process gas efficiently from the Appalachian Basin.

Project Overview:

  • Multibay substation modifications
  • 138-kV overhead lines
  • 100-MVA transformer capacities
  • Fully integrated PDC
  • Utility interface & interconnect
  • Power factor correction & harmonic filtering

Scope of Work: