T14 Fractionation Plant

Audubon Companies provided detail design, engineering, procurement, and construction management to assist Targa Resources with expanding the capacity of its Cedar Bayou Fractionators, L.P. natural gas liquid fractionation facility. The maximum gross fractionation capacity of the facility was expanded by 28% to 275,000 BDP, an increase of 60,000 BDP.  Audubon Companies achieved an increase of 88,000 BDP for the client, placing us ahead of schedule and budget.

Project Overview

  • Deethanizer Fractionation System with Associated Refrigeration
  • 1750 HP Reciprocating Ethane Compressors
  • Deethanizer Column with Reflux and Reboiler Section
  • Liquid Treating
  • EG Skid

Project Scope

  • Details Desing
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction Management