Kayra Sentosa Gas Processing Plant


The greenfield gas processing facility was designed for 100 MMSCFD. Inlet gas processed to produce truckable condensate, pipeline quality sales gas, and NGL product. The facility includes a turboexpander plant utilizing the SCORE ® process for 99% propane recovery. It also includes a 5720 BPD Depropanizer and 2470 BPD Debutanizer with reciprocating inlet and residue compression (22,000 HP). Plant utilities includes flare, drain, instrument air, control system, power generation, and associated infrastructure. Modular processing units were fabricated, shop tested, and shipped to site for installation.

Project Overview

  • Greenfield
  • Gas Processing Facility for 100 MMSCFD
  • Inlet Gas Processed to Produce a Truckable Condensate
  • Pipeline Quality Sales Gas, and NGL Product
  • Turboexpander Plant Utilizing the SCORE® Process for > 99% Propane Recovery
  • 5720 BPD Depropanizer and 2470 BPD
  • Debutanizer with Reciprocating Inlet and Residue
  • Compression (22,000 HP)

Scope of Work: 

  • Project Management
  • Procurement Support
  • Detail Engineering & Design
  • Process Safety Analysis
  • Fabrication
  • Automation
  • Construction Management & Inspection
  • Start-up/Commissioning