Freeport LPG Export Terminal – Phillips 66

Freeport LPG Export Terminal

(December 21, 2016) –  Congratulations Phillips 66 on the startup of your Freeport LPG Export Terminal.  Audubon Companies appreciates the confidence you have placed in us to provide engineering, procurement, and construction support for the Phillips 66 Midstream Growth Program.

Phillips 66’s Freeport LPG Export Terminal Now Fully Operational

Phillips 66 said last Friday that its Freeport liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) export terminal located in Freeport, Texas, is fully operational, and the company loaded its first contracted cargo on the Commander, a very large gas carrier that departed the terminal which departed the terminal on December 16.

The Freeport LPG Export Terminal can simultaneously load two ships with refrigerated propane and butane at a combined rate of 36,000 barrels per hour. The terminal can export the equivalent of 4.4 million barrels a month.

The export facility was developed to satisfy the growing international demand for affordable U.S. natural gas liquids derived from U.S. shale, according to Phillips 66.

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(Photo: Phillips 66 Freeport LPG Export Facility)