Pipeline Depth-of-Cover Survey


Pipeline Depth-of-Cover Survey

Experience in depth-of-cover survey proves to be essential in pipeline projects to prevent loss and minimize potential hazards for operators during and after the installation and/or relocation of existing pipeline systems. The engineering service provider streamlines the overall scope by reporting on areas while gathering pertinent survey information where right of way may need to be addressed.

Audubon Field Solutions, an affiliate of Audubon Companies, has worked with an industry leader on thousands of miles of pipelines on multiple projects since 2004. In addition to obtaining the depth of the existing pipeline every 100 – 300 feet, our company has been responsible for obtaining new centerlines. While performing the depth-of-cover surveys, information for roads, fences, ditches, rivers, creeks, overhead crossings, block valves, launchers, receivers and all other above-ground appurtenances have been gathered. Reports on shallow pipe, exposed pipe, or pipe in a span condition have also fallen within the projects’ scopes. Every detail has been prepared into an electronic and hard copy book for GIS records and assessments of hazards identified along pipeline right of ways.

Vice President Jay Alexander stated, “Audubon Field Solutions continues to provide this valuable service  to pipeline projects for clients across the U.S. We are a single-source solution for the design needs of some of the largest operators throughout the Midwest, Great Plains, and Northern Rockies. We are expanding into the Ohio Valley and Marcellus regions in 2015 to provide better services to our clients while increasing our overall efficiency by implementing new technologies, procedures, and project management tools.”

Audubon Field Solutions is known to have the expertise and complete service capabilities for all types of pipeline projects.