Audubon Engineering Supports Bechtel and NASA Mobile Launcher 2 Project

Audubon Engineering Supports Bechtel and NASA Mobile Launcher 2 Project

The Mobile Launcher 2 platform will support launch operations for the world’s most powerful rocket for the Artemis missions—returning humans to the Moon and beyond

NASA Mobile Launcher 2 for ArtemisHOUSTON, September 12, 2023–As part of the NASA Artemis missions to return humans to the moon, Audubon Engineering Company (Audubon) was contracted by Bechtel to deliver engineering services for Mobile Launcher 2, the ground structure for the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and Orion spacecraft.

Audubon’s engineering scope supports Bechtel’s larger engineering, fabrication, and construction work for the NASA Mobile Launcher 2 platform. The platform will be specially engineered to launch the Orion spacecraft on the SLS rocket, the most powerful rocket in history.

The design of Mobile Launcher 2 prioritizes stability, as the structure will withstand severe launch blast and will support 6 million pounds of liftoff weight. Reaching more than 380 feet in the air, the tower section will be equipped with multiple swing arms to supply power, data, remote monitoring and control, propellants, fluids, gases, sound suppression, imagery, and communications before launch.

The SLS rocket will carry the first crewed Artemis spacecraft, Orion. Once in space, Orion astronauts will establish a lunar outpost called the Gateway, which will orbit the Moon and serve as a staging point for lunar study, deep space exploration, and eventually, human travel to Mars. NASA intends to return to the Moon to achieve scientific discovery, economic opportunity, continued US leadership in space, and inspiration for the next generation of aerospace professionals. With the success of the Artemis missions, the US will put boots on the Moon for the first time since the Apollo missions 50 years ago.

Audubon CEO David Robison noted: “The Artemis missions are an exciting time for our nation. We are proud to have brought our engineering expertise to this tremendous national effort. Our contribution to Mobile Launcher 2 represents an opportunity for Audubon to demonstrate our engineering ingenuity and agility—and we are especially proud to support such a critical US space endeavor.” 

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