Rapid Response To Operational Improvements

Audubon Field Solutions offers comprehensive technical operations & maintenance (O&M) services that help operators increase operational efficiency, cut costs, improve safety, and boost production in both onshore and offshore facilities. Our personnel have extensive technical expertise in process operations, instrumentation, electrical systems, rotating equipment, and field production management, and with O&M solutions tailored to meet each individual project’s needs, we can help you make sure that your operation runs smoothly, efficiently, and most important of all, safely.

Onshore Facilities

Audubon Field Solutions provides O&M and manpower services for onshore facilities that include developing and establishing production schedules, preventative maintenance programs, enlisting OEM vendor support, implementing state and federal regulations, and providing third-party product transportation. We also provide our clients with an operations team on 24-hour standby and offer both full and partial staffing options in order to help operators maximize run-rates and meet monthly production quotas.

Offshore Operations

Audubon Field Solutions also offers technical O&M and manpower services for safe, efficient, and uninterrupted offshore operations. Whether it’s our in-house professionals or third-party personnel, the qualified experts we provide have extensive experience in maintaining everything from HVAC applications, integrated control and safety systems (ICSS), and electrical instrumentation, to turbines, compressors, and other rotating pieces of machinery.

Total Maintenance & Operational Excellence

Learn how our solutions extend asset life through enhanced production, recovery, and reduced operating cost.


Professional Surveying and Engineering Services are only offered and performed in the states in which Audubon Field Solutions, LLC or Audubon Engineering Company, L.P. are licensed to offer or perform those services. Please contact us to obtain detailed licensing information and services offered by an Audubon Companies Entity.