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Since our inception, our leadership team has propelled Audubon Companies to a new level of excellence and built an exemplary reputation in the energy, power, and industrial sectors. Covering all aspects of the company’s strategic direction, organizational values, and operations, the team works closely to ensure that Audubon meets not only the demands of its customers, but provides a positive, innovative, and exciting working environment for employees around the world.

Our executive leaders focus on understanding the needs of each project and bring their knowledge, insight, and operating experience to deliver comprehensive solutions to solve the most complex project challenges. Our leaders bring not only decades of experience and multi-disciplinary capabilities but also a passion for excellence and problem-solving.

Through diverse skills and a shared purpose, our leadership believes our people make us who we are. We encourage professional growth at all levels and lead by example. Our entire team is focused on strengthening our ability to create value for our clients and provide compelling opportunities for our people. As our clients grow and succeed, so do we.

Simply stated, our leadership team aims to create an inspiring vision for our clients and employees – so we can accomplish amazing things together.

Our forward-looking leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced executives.


Denis Taylor | Audubon Companies

Denis Taylor, P.E.

Founder & Managing Partner – Offshore Operations

Denis Taylor is a Managing Partner of Audubon Companies. He co-founded Audubon Companies with Ryan Hanemann and Bob Rosamond in 1997 and maintains an active role in driving the organization’s financial growth and profitability. Denis has over 25 years of engineering, consulting, and project management experience in the oil and gas industry. He specializes in the design and development of floating deepwater facilities and production platforms and is currently responsible for leading the company’s offshore business strategy. Denis earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana State University.