Audubon Companies’ culture is based on the guiding principles that put people at the center of all we do as a company — from our clients to our co-workers and suppliers. Our commitment to delivering superior services is supported by our philosophy, behaviors and expectations described by our core values.

Our mission is to provide value to the marketplace through innovative solutions focused on safety and quality while fostering a workplace environment centered on employee growth, retention and appreciation. Simply put, we aim to be a world-class organization.


We exhibit accountability when we hold ourselves responsible for our individual performance and behaviors.  We take ownership at all organization levels and honor our commitments by ensuring successful completion of projects.


We empower a culture of innovation when we find better and more efficient ways of meeting our obligations to our customers, our company and our community.


We deliver innovative operational solutions that are time-efficient and cost-effective, making the most of every available resource for our clients. We spend client and company resources as if they were our own.


We say what we mean and do what we say.  Honor, respect, and ethical and social responsibility are ingrained into the core of our character from how we conduct business to how we treat each other.


We exhibit enthusiasm when we motivate others to be the best we can be while maintaining a positive and constructive approach.  As passionate professionals, we are dedicated to performing services with an unparalleled drive to create results that benefit our customers.


We demonstrate quality when we provide consistent and recognized value to our customers and our company.    Through competence, innovation and teamwork we drive excellence throughout every aspect of our organization, understanding that exceeding customer expectation is the standard.


We drive operational efficiencies to solve your project challenges


Professional Surveying and Engineering Services are only offered and performed in the states in which Audubon Field Solutions, LLC or Audubon Engineering Company, L.P. are licensed to offer or perform those services. Please contact us to obtain detailed licensing information and services offered by an Audubon Companies Entity.