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Location: Ohio

Client: Kinder Morgan

Utopia Pipeline | Audubon Companies

Audubon Companies was contracted to perform the full right-of-way (ROW) scope for the Utopia Pipeline project. The new pipeline facilities connect with and utilize Kinder Morgan’s existing pipeline and facilities to move ethane and ethane-propane mixtures eastward to Windsor, Ontario. These ethane and ethane-propane mixtures are used primarily as a feedstock for producing plastics for the petrochemical industry. The Utopia East pipeline system has a current capacity of 50,000 barrels per day (bpd) and is expandable to more than 75,000 bpd.


  • 220 Miles
  • Ethane Propane
  • 14 Counties Across Ohio
  • Acquired 100% Without Condemnation
  • Greenfield


  • Line List
  • Preliminary Title
  • Survey Permission
  • Easement Acquisition
  • Ministerial Permitting
  • Construction Support
  • Construction Staking and As-Builts

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