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Targa Benzene Saturation Unit

Location: Texas

Client: Targa Resources

Targa Benzene Saturation Unit | Audubon Companies

Audubon Companies performed FEED, EPC (engineering and design, procurement, and construction), automation and control for the installation of the Targa facility. The facility design intent will saturate/hydrogenate the low sulfur natural gasoline stream (LSNG) and convert the benzene to cyclohexane, to meet product specifications at the Mont Belvieu, Texas site.    


  • Benzene Saturation Process 
  • Saturate/Hydrogenate Low Sulfur Natural Gasoline and Convert Benzene to Cyclohexane 
  • Fractionation 
  • Absorption/Product Treating 
  • Reactor Design  
  • Product Transfer Pumps & Metering 
  • Plant Utility Integration (Flare, Drain, Power, Instrument Air) 
  • Brownfield Expansion 


  • Project Management 
  • Procurement 
  • FEED Engineering 
  • Detail Engineering & Design 
  • Automation and Control 
  • Construction 
  • Process Safety Analysis 

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