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Location: Port Arthur, Texas

Client: ZeoGas, LLC

Port Arthur Methanol | Audubon Companies

Audubon Companies is serving as the Owner’s Engineer for ZeoGas’ first fuel manufacturing plant. The 1.8 MTPA, methanol production plant is currently under development in Port Arthur, Texas. The methanol plant project utilizes licensed technology from Air Liquide Process and Construction, Inc. (MegaMethanol ®).

As the Owner’s Engineer, Audubon is providing interface and integration guidance services to ensure the EPC, technology licensors and equipment, and other service suppliers adhere to project specifications from planning and development through to commercial operations. Additionally, Audubon is providing project management, lead engineering, documentation services, as well as technical review guidance of the facility design, including process-related and all engineering-related disciplines.


  • 1.8 Million Ton Per Annum Methanol Production Facility
  • Inlet Gas Treating and Conditioning
  • Product Storage
  • Plant Utilities and Infrastructure


  • Project Management
  • Engineering Oversight
  • Schedule Coordination
  • Cost Control
  • Contract Negotiation

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