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Location:Loving, New Mexico

Client: San Mateo Midstream

Pipeline Integrity HCA EFRD & Risk Analysis | Audubon Companies

Audubon Companies provided pipeline integrity management, engineering, and field services to identify high consequence areas (HCA) associated with the design and construction of a new crude oil pipeline system.  In accordance with DOT requirements, pipeline HCA, emergency flow restriction device (EFRD), and risk analysis are required for pipelines subject to Pipeline Integrity Management In High Consequence Areas, 49 CFR Part 195 Subpart F, Section 452.

Audubon Companies team’s conducted required EFRD studies which included pipeline centerline location accuracy, leak detection capability, elevation and pipeline control, and response elements. Risk analysis was conducted based on the identification of credible threats to pipeline integrity, qualitative risk analysis to determine the probability of threat occurrence, the consequence of failures, and expression of risk in dollars per pipeline miles. Findings and recommendations were submitted to the client to assist with operational prioritization and pipeline maintenance budgeting.


  • New Construction
  • Regulated Crude Transportation & Gathering
  • Integrated Project Approach
  • Cloud Based Project Management Portal


  • HCA Analysis of Pipeline Route(s)
  • EFRD Study to Protect Affected HCA’s
  • MLV & Check Valve Location Recommendations
  • WKM Risk Analysis to Understand an Minimize Exposure
  • Preventative & Mitigative Measure Recommendations

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