HVGO Piping Upgrade and CW Piping Replacement

Audubon Engineering Solutions performed a FEED, detailed engineering and design, procurement, and construction management for the replacement of defective cooling water piping and valves approximately 7,000 FT and 30” pipe. This also included 2,600 FT of HVGO piping to 317L, with upgrades to all control valves and instrumentation. Project involved identifying TAR and Non TAR work for an expedited construction schedule.   

Project Overview: 

  • Replace in-kind and upgrade metallurgy to 317 L  
  • Validate / update and develop block flow diagram 
  • Stress Analysis 
  • Pipe Rack upgrades 
  • Brownfield Expansion 
  • Instruments spec updates 
  • Process Hydraulics validations 
  • Relief System Analysis 

Scope of Work: 

  • Project Management 
  • Procurement, Expediting and Inspection 
  • FEED Engineering 
  • Detail Engineering & Design 
  • Automation and Control 
  • Construction Management 
  • Process Safety Analysis