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Audubon Engineering Solutions provided the engineering, procurement support and construction management for the installation of two (2) new greenfield compressor stations, near Toyah, TX for a total flow rate of 400 MMSCFD. The two facilities included a total of four (4) 400 GPM Amine units and four (4) TEG dehydration units. Each facility included the installation of ten (10) CAT 3612 engine driven compressors for a total of 75,000 HP of compression. The facility execution and installation model were based on a modularized approach for standard packages and pipe rack modules. Along with the major equipment, the Cypress and Spruce Compressor Stations installation included auxiliary balance of plant equipment and E/I infrastructure.  

Project Overview:

  • 400 GPM Amine units
  • TEG dehydration units
  • CAT 3612 engine driven compressors 
  • Auxiliary balance of plant equipment and 
  • E/I infrastructure 

Scope of Work: 

  • Project Management 
  • Procurement Support 
  • Detailed Engineering   
  • Design, Process Safety Analysis,  
  • Construction Management & Inspection